Montag, 2. August 2010

2 Hot 4 U

This tutorial was written by and copyrighted to Seven on 02nd August 2010.

This is a really quick and easy tag :D

For this tutorial you will need:

- Tammy's part of Biker Babe Collab (purchaseable at PMTWS)
- font of your choice ( I used LDJ JillyNilly)

Let's begin:

- Open journalpiece and duplicate it with Shift+D
Enlarge the canvas about 450 x 300 px

- Copy and paste wordart1 and resize it.
Arrange it over the tag to the bottom

- Copy and paste one of the skulls with wings (skull-pinkgem) and resize it.
Move it to the left over the screw of your tag.

- Highlight your tag-layer and copy and paste one of the hearts with banner (heartbanner-blkplain).
Resize it and move it to the right, a little bit under the wordart.

- Choose a matching background colour and your font and write "2 Hot 4 U" or a text of your choice over the banner.
Convert to raster layer

- Highlight your tag again.

- Write your name on it and add a picture noise effect of your choice.
Convert to raster layer.

- Select all - free - not free and espand the selection about 2.
Add a new raster layer and fill it with white.
Move this layer under your name.
Selection none.
Add a small dropshadow.

- Merge all layer visible and save as.


I'm back back back back back back back back! *dance*

And I'm happy!

I've got the world best Mum and world best Uncle!
They rescued my PC and most of my datas!
Woohoooo! I just lost things which were on my C harddrive :D
And this wasn't that much! :S

Whoooot Whoooot!

That's great :D

At the moment I'm installing and installing! :S

Thank you all for you help offers and lovely mails!
You're great!



All tutorials are written by myself and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
You are allowed to make tags, stats, layout what ever your want with them.
You are not allowed to make any monetary gain with them.
You are not allowed to hotlink.
I do not allow to translate it whithout my written permission!

It would be great if you mail me your results at

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