Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

Holiday Greetings

This tutorial was written by and copyrighted to Seven on 21st. June 2009

For this tutorial you will need:

- My "Splish, Splash, Fun!" -kit which you can purchase here or here

Let's start:

- Open a new canvas 700x300 px.

- Copy and paste stampframe08

- With your magic wand click inside the larger rectangle and expand the selection about 5px

- Add a new raster-layer

- Copy and paste a paper in the selection and deselect.

- Throw the paper-layer under the frame layer-

- Copy and paste elements of your choice and decorate your "frame-window". Add a dropshadow.

- Copy and paste 2 elements on the big-white place and reduce the opacity at 50% or less.

- Write your Text/Name over it and add a dropshadow.

- Decorate your frame with towel, umbrella, ice, ball, bow, buoy or what ever you like. Don't forget the dropshadow!

- Add Copyright information and/or watersign and save as .png


All tutorials are written by myself and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
You are allowed to make tags, stats, layout what ever your want with them.
You are not allowed to make any monetary gain with them.
You are not allowed to hotlink.
I do not allow to translate it whithout my written permission!

It would be great if you mail me your results at coroners.sun@gmail.com

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